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With its squat shape, its thick walls and its little windows, the church is Romanic style, but some elements of Spanish-Moresque architecture confer it all its originality. This bare monument with modest sizes presents a central plan on the dome. 

The dome is a typically element of Moresque architecture. It dates back to the Xth century with the Mosque's dome of Cordoba in Spain. With the dome of Sainte-Croix, in Oloron, it's the only one in the North of Pyrenees.

The church is also characterized by its trellises, small windows in sculptured stone which reminds the moucharabiehs in oriental countries. Unique elements in France due to their numbers and the variety of their sculptures: we find them all around the building.

The church crossed the centuries and find nowadays all its beauty.  

Unique testimony in France of the meeting between Romanesque art and Spanish-Moresque art, the church of Hôpital Saint-Blaise was classified in the world heritage by the UNESCO in 1998, in conformance with the roads of Santiago de Compostela.


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