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The water mill

The watermill of L’Hôpital St. Blaise probably draws its origins from medieval times.

Since then, it has been so restored that it was almost entirely rebuilt.

The mill operated until the development of the industry maked it obsolete, before the Second World War. During the war, local farmers back to the mill to grind their grain clandestinely so that the Germans could not collect a part of their production. After the war, the owner decided to transform the mill into a small sawmill used up to the 70s.

These constructions (mill, farm and shed) have recently been bought by the municipality, which strives to restore it to make it accessible to the public.


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  • Opening of the church : 16 april 2017

    The church will be open to the public from Sunday 16 april ! 

    From 10am to 7 pm, we welcome

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